Doing with, not doing for


The Moresports strategy is a collaborative approach, using sport as our tool and empowering youth as the leaders, to create healthy, connected and resilient communities.

Our pay-what-you-can model relies on our partnerships with the School Board, Parks Board and the community. By utilizing existing resources, (infrastructure, staff and youth) we are able to develop programs that uniquely reflect the specific needs and wants of the neighbourhood.

Youth Leadership development is an important focus at Moresports. Not only do kids respond better to youth as their coaches, the mentor-based relationship goes a long way toward building confidence and belonging for both child and youth leader, keeping them focused on positive and healthy activities.

This is what makes Moresports both sustainable and impactful. Moresports leaders stay on for years and become community role models who often inspire those they coach to follow in their footsteps. One volunteer coordinator can train ten youth coaches, who can go on to coach hundreds of kids each, all across the region.

This is how we impact so many kids that wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to participate in sports.