Where we began

One spring day in 1998, some kids were kicking a soccer ball around a local park, accompanied by one of the kids’ fathers. A man approached them and told them to leave; the park was reserved for soccer clubs with permits.

The father asked how the local kids could join such a club – and was told it would cost $125 per child, and each family would also have to help out with equipment, coaching and transportation. As the kids watched, a stream of cars arrived, and two teams from the affluent West Side piled out, pulled on their uniforms and cleats, and literally took the field.

Although 75% of Vancouver’s kids lived in the Eastside, the city’s sports programs mainly served the West Side kids. The problem wasn’t just money. An inner-city sports program would also need coaches, equipment and places to train and play. It would have to overcome ethnic and cultural issues, language barriers and much more. In fact, it would require that the community itself develop new skills and strengths, and build new partnerships.

East Van Soccer started up in 1999 and by 2002, this major partnership initiative called itself “Moresports”.  Moresports has continued to evolve organically in the lower mainland where kids and families need it.  

Moresports now includes 12 hubs across 24 Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods with thousands of participants.