Adrianna Teoh

Growing up, I never had a specific sport that I played but I loved being active. I started Karate at a young age and enjoyed it throughout high school as it taught me to be respectful, how to stay healthy, and how to work as a team. I also enjoy playing football and volleyball recreationally. What I love about Moresports is seeing the children enjoy a game they love to play with their teammates and building great friendships with children outside their schools.






Chris Yu

The role of a Moresports Hub Developer means that we have powers to impact the lives of children and youth by creating healthy, engaged communities. I find that the beauty of sports is the ability to be able to promote physical and emotional health, and lead the next generation towards social integration and strong interpersonal skill. I firmly believe that if we have the power to positively influence the next generation, then it is our responsibility to do so. I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes: "Good teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough to surrender the Me for the We." - Phil Jackson

City Hub

Erin De Sousa

Erin began as the Moresports City Hub Developer in 2017. While she has not been in this role long, she has already fallen in love with the community and is excited to be an active participate in this incredible space. Erin graduated from UBC with a BA in Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice and has recently completed a certificate in Non-profit Management at BCIT. Erin is also an avid field hockey player, coach, and official. She played varsity field hockey at UBC and continues to play and officiate at the highest levels she can, while pursuing her passion for coaching at the grassroots level.


Jeff Stromgren

Working in education for 18 years has shown me through experience that we need to make sports environments more safe, accessible and fun for a wider range of children. And I know that any singular group can act alone to remedy this: Not schools, nor community centers, nor traditional avenues for accessing sport. My favourite Moresports moment typifies why Moresports is so important to our community development strategy. I pointed out to a Principal of a host school three kids that seemed to be enjoying the program so much, and I asked, what do you think makes them like this so much? The response was unexpected, “Because the rest of their world is falling apart”. Mom had recently passed away, Dad was recently arrested and they were learning to live with a new family who had limited means to support them. At Moresports programs, kids can be kids, and I love that.


Joanna Chiu

Throughout my years of experience in children's and youth programming, I have focused on creating an active, inclusive, and diverse environment for all participants to thrive in. Involvement in sports and recreation throughout my high school years has taught me the meaning of teamwork and discipline. I am grateful to be a Hub Developer for the Marpole-Oakridge community as Moresports highlights all of the above, all while promoting sport and leadership development! When I am not at work or at UBC studying Kinesiology & Psychology, I enjoy cooking, going to the gym and trying out new restaurants around the lower mainland.


Josephine Yao

From playing in elementary school to volunteering in high school and now having a chance to work as a staff member, Moresports has been the most community oriented program in my life. I am grateful that I am now in a position where I can give back to my community with the help and support of my amazing and talented team of coaches and volunteers. What I love about Moresports is that all the children in the community are given the opportunity to be involved in extra curricular activities no matter their skill or budget. Also, the impact on not only the children involved but the volunteers that show up on countless days without realizing how many kids they inspire represents the influential environment Moresports has created. With my major in criminology and minor in human development and counselling from SFU, I want to work with at-risk youth in the future and continue to inspire and help my community.

East Central

Keani Pratt

From a young girl on the soccer field to where I am now, there is no way I could imagine being here without the love of sports and my community! Moresports has provided me countless opportunities and I will proudly admit that it has shaped me into the person I am today. As early as I could remember, there was no pressure to be the best, to have to nicest cleats or basketball shoes, in fact no one really cared. All that mattered was showing up. As the years progressed, I found myself evolving from a player to a volunteer, to a coach and to where I am now as a Moresports Hub Developer! The steps I took to get here only felt natural and I believe that so far I've made an impact in my community. I'm more than happy to be here and I look forward to see where Moresports takes me next!


Kristian Hildebrandt

I am lucky to have grown up with Moresports as a youth, as it helped me become the athlete I was in high school, and ultimately earn a full ride scholarship to play basketball in post secondary. I finished my schooling at Douglas College with a diploma in Health and Recreation, and am now back working and coaching at my old high school! I am passionate about coaching and helping youth become the best versions of themselves they can be.

South Central

Manu Hayre

Growing up Moresports definitely normalized playing sports and allowed for me as a young child to go out and play regardless of any circumstances.
I am very excited to be working as a Hub Developer in the community I grew up as it will allow me to pass on the importance of playing any sport regardless of any limitation a child faces and allowing them to just be kids and play.


Rianne MacCullough

Though I have only just recently become a part of the Moresports team I have been involved in after-school sports programs since I was attending them myself as a participant. Not being the most sporty, I am always passionate about showing kids that you don't need to be the most athletic to still enjoy and participate in sports. I spend a lot of my time outside of work and sports drinking coffee and reading more books than I can finish.