Moresports offers neighbourhood-based sport programs and leadership courses for children and youth.

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We’re Hiring

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about working with children and youth to help with our 2023-24 programs!

We are creating a pool of casual staff for short term contracts for:

  • Community Coaches
  • Leadership facilitators
  • Day Camp Staff

There may also be volunteer opportunities for those 18 and older!

If you have any questions, please check the linked posting for more details and contact information

Moresports JP Community Coach – BC 2023-24

Moresports 2023-24 Updates: Burnaby is Back!

2023-24 was a successful transition for Moresports to Non-Profit status, with a Board of Directors and some new staff members! This time also included a revival of programs in Vancouver, as well as steady growth of youth leadership and programs in the Tri-Cities. 

2023-24 will aim to continue on this path of development through offering certificate trainings to the youth volunteers, and partnering with the VSB, SD43, DWUL, and CCAs to plan, implement and deliver quality programs.

2023-24 will also see the re-introduction of Moresports to Burnaby, through the partnership of SD41. Starting with a small basis,  Moresports aims to grow programs slowly over the year in order to bring different members of the Burnaby community together through sport.


Website Updating

The Moresports Website is in the process of having an overhaul. We will be re-launching the site in a number of months, but we wanted to ensure that you could still access information and connect with us.