Locally Driven, Centrally Supported

Our collaborative model starts with collaborative leadership. It’s our proactive feedback loop that keeps all ‘Hubs’ of Moresports connected and responsive.

Our executive team shares a passion to realize the Moresports vision: an active, inclusive and enriched life for children and youth, irrespective of ability to pay or play, within the diverse communities of a city.

Bill Woodley, Director, bill.woodley@moresports.org

Cynthia Lee, Coordinator, cynthia.lee@moresports.org

Christine Macer,  Co-Chair, cmacer@vsb.bc.ca

Alison Cristall, Co-Chair, alison.cristall@vancouver.ca

Kate Hodgson, Treasurer,  kate.hodgson@vancouver.ca

Scott Deyell, VSB representative, sdeyell@vsb.bc.ca

Carole Brown, Community Rep,  carolebrown@live.ca

Jeff Stromgren, Coquitlam Rep,  jstromgren@sd43.bc.ca