A collaborative partnership

What makes Moresports truly unique is the fact that no other organization in Canada has been successful operating all-access sports programs with full participation and cooperation of municipal (Parks Board) and school district partners (School Board). 

Our strategy “Include Always, In Neighbourhoods, with Partners” is aimed at removing all barriers to participation in quality sports programming while providing youth leadership and volunteer opportunities.

By working with citizens and community partners and utilizing existing assets in the neighbourhood, (spaces to practice, youth as coaches, resources) the Moresports strategy creates the conditions to provide sports for all.  

Furthermore, it supports youth through leadership identification, engagement and development to empower them as leaders within their own neighbourhood.

Our vision, values and principles direct action while each partner contributes capacity and strengths to achieve a shared overall outcome.

To join our regional network for sharing resources to build community through sport please contact our Director, Bill Woodley:  bill.woodley@moresports.org

Core Partners

  • Vancouver School Board

    Our partnership with Moresports increases the student's social and physical development while promoting mutual respect, cooperation and social responsibility.

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  • Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

    Through Moresports, we can increase participation and reduce barriers to accessibility and inclusion in sport and physical recreation.

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  • Coquitlam School District 43

    The Moresports strategy helps us achieve our our vision: Increasing Success in Life for All.

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  • Coquitlam Parks Board

    By working with Moresports we are better able to support healthy lifestyles and social cohesion for all.

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Community Development Partners

Support and Service Partners

  • Britannia Community Centre
  • Champlain Heights Community Centre
  • Hastings Community Centre
  • Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre
  • Mt. Pleasant Community Centre
  • Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre
  • Strathcona Community Service Centre
  • Sunset Community Centre
  • Thunderbird Community Centre
  • Trout Lake Community Centre
  • Big Kahuna Sport Co.
  • Canadian Tire Store – Bentall Street
  • Entrix Sports
  • Impact Canopy
  • KLM FC
  • Sportek
  • VDL (Vancouver Dodgeball League)