Our Vision

An active, inclusive, and enriched community life for children and youth, regardless of the ability to pay or play, within a diverse city.

Our Mission

Moresports creates and facilitates recreational programs that promote sport and leadership development. Supported by a city-wide network of community partners, we ensure positive engagement and experiences among youth.

Sports programs are important because:
• there is low sport participation across Canada
• when made accessible, sports activity can positively impact all those involved
• participation helps youth develop leadership skills which may be healthfully reflected in the community

Our Purpose

Moresports is a registered non-profit society that aims to make sports and leadership opportunities accessible to all children and youth.  As our programs are developed and run by the community, Moresports is able to stay in tune with the needs and diversity of the community to make inclusive and sustainable programming.  Our goal is to work with our community partners within a city-wide framework to bridge any gaps between kids and youth and their access to local sports.

We believe that every kid has the right to play sports. By making sports activities readily available to kids, we provide opportunities to bring youth closer to their communities. 

Our Strategy

The Moresports strategy is a collaborative approach. We use sport as a tool to empower youth in leadership roles and support them to build healthy, connected and resilient communities.

Our “pay-what-you-can” model relies on our partnerships with school districts, municipal parks and recreation and the community. By using existing resources (infrastructure, staff and youth), we are uniquely positioned to develop programs which consider financial and physical barriers for any participant.

Youth leadership development is an important focus at Moresports. Not only do kids respond better to youth as their coaches, but mentor-based relationships go a long way towards building confidence and belonging for both child and youth leader, keeping them engaged and purposeful.

Moresports leaders tend to stay on for years, becoming community role models who often inspire those they coach to follow in their footsteps. One volunteer coordinator can train ten youth coaches, who can go on to coach hundreds of kids all across the region. This collaborative strategy is key to our sustainable and impactful approach.