Our Vision:

An active, inclusive and enriched life for children and youth, irrespective of ability to pay or play, within the diverse communities of a city.

Our Mission:

Moresports creates, facilitates and promotes recreation, sport and leadership development experiences for children and youth through a city-wide network of community partners.

• there is low sport participation across Canada
• sport is the most accessible and beneficial activity for all
• participation leads to youth leadership leads to healthy sustainable communities

This is inclusivity and social innovation in action



We believe that every kid has the right to play and sports is the most accessible activity that brings community together.  

Moresports is an inclusive sustainable strategy to make sports available for all. Using a city-wide framework, we work with our community partners to find the gaps between kids and sports and fill them.  

Moresports responds to the needs and diversity of the community – because it’s developed and run BY the community.