We are all leaders…

Moresports Youth Leadership : 12 -18 years (Grade 8-12)

1.  When and how can I start? 

Most often our Senior Leaders have been Junior Leaders for a couple of seasons but you can start at anytime.  Just contact the Moresports Hub Developer in your community (see Programs section) and let them know you’re interested.

2.  What will I learn?

You will be trained with basic sport coaching instruction and leadership skills that reflect the Moresport’s methodology. You will also learn how to make activities fun and engaging while creating a physically and emotionally safe environment for kids to learn about sports.

3.  How will this benefit me?

You will gain coaching and leadership credentials as well as references and volunteer hours.  This can be used for your high school community hours at graduation and applications for future jobs.  You can also become a key player in your own community by connecting people through Moresports.  The Moresports network is city-wide and you can benefit from access to like-minded leaders in other communities.

Moresports Junior Leadership : 10-12 years (Grade 6-7)

1.  How do I know I can do this?

You have an interest in leading physical activities and have natural leadership qualities such as commitment and responsibility. 

2.  What will I learn?

You will learn skills focussed on leadership training such as peer-to-peer working and mentoring.  These are beneficial skills for almost everything!

3.  How will this benefit me?

You are taking an important step toward creating future opportunities by gaining social skill and leadership development and this will help prepare you for high school and future jobs.