Include Always.

The main goal for our Youth Leaders is to ensure ALL kids feel welcome.

Guided by our core values; Inclusion, Collaboration, Fun and Accountability our Youth Leadership programs are designed with a special focus on social interaction skills. They learn concepts such as acceptance, trust, empowerment and respect and how to orchestrate and lead activities that include team building, decision making, creativity and confidence.

A unique focus Moresports brings into their Youth Leadership curriculum is an understanding around the challenges that at-risk youth may face including struggles with mental health issues, poverty, criminal activity, poor school attendance, foster care or homelessness. Our Youth Leaders learn how to create supportive environments that feel safe, comfortable and flexible to maximize the benefits of sports for these children.

Youth Leaders are provided basic sport coaching based on progressional skill development to make activities fun and engaging for the respective age group.  Most often our leaders have been junior leaders and past participants themselves. This continuous evolution of Moresports engagement can also provide benefits post high-school through future opportunities within our expansive network.